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Are you looking for a trusted and reputable landscaping contractor in Jonesboro, AR? Maybe you need professional help with a lawn mowing service or a landscaping project. We at Rivera Landscaping are readily available to provide smooth and efficient services for your residential or commercial property and deliver outstanding results!

Professional landscaping service

The Services We Offer

A quality landscaping service can dramatically boost the curb appeal of your property and increase its resale value. An aesthetically pleasing outdoor space can immensely benefit you both mentally and physically, boosting your mood and helping you relax after a long day at work. Rely on us for top-notch landscaping services!
Tree Care

Tree Care

Routine tree care and proper trimming can improve the overall health of your trees and promote healthy growth. Professionally trimmed and well-groomed trees can make a long-lasting impression on passersby. Our professional tree care service prevents you from dealing with unhealthy trees that spread infections and make your trees more appealing.
If you are looking to grow a lush, healthy, and happy garden, opting for our professional mulching service can be the ideal solution. Mulch plays an important role in influencing the growth of healthier plants and provides effective weed control. Count on our team for superb services and guaranteed impressive results!


Maintaining a beautiful and healthy garden takes time and effort, and not everyone has the energy and expertise to keep their outdoor space looking its best. Our professional gardening services can help you have a stunningly beautiful outdoor space all year round and make the most of your space, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!  
Flower Bed Service

Flower Bed Service

Flower beds should be a pride and joy of any property, adding color, vibrancy, and life to an ordinary yard. They possess the ability to boost a property’s curb appeal and increase its market value. Our team is proud to offer flower bed services and give you the yard you’ve always dreamed of.
Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing services promote the growth of healthy, lush green grass and ensure your lawn is uniform and consistent in color and length. Our team can tackle your project with great precision and care. We can provide you with hassle-free lawn mowing service and help you enjoy even more your favorite place. 
Stump and Weed Removal

Stump and Weed Removal

Unsightly stumps and persistent weeds can make your outdoor space look rather untidy and messy. Our proper removal services can help you effectively get rid of your stumps and weeds, making it easier to maintain a lawn and boosting the curb appeal of the property.
Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing your property comes with a broad array of advantages, from ensuring a safe and healthy environment for your loved ones or employees to enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the building. We at Rivera Landscaping are ready to help you maintain a clean, beautiful property and offer top-notch pressure washing!
Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

As gutters play an important role in maintaining your property and ensuring a properly functioning roofing system, thorough cleaning and maintenance should be a priority for every property owner. We are here to deliver swift and effective gutter cleaning and reduce the chances of water damage. 
Pond Cleaning

Pond Cleaning 

A pond is a superb addition to any property, providing a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere. By opting for our smooth and efficient pond cleaning services, you can be assured that you will be enjoying the benefits of a pond for a long time.
Pool Cleaning

Pool Cleaning 

Pools are lovely for both relaxing and having fun, but they are also a big commitment. Responsible pool owners should regularly opt for professional pool cleaning services to ensure their pools are user friendly. By hiring our pool cleaning services, you can receive peace of mind properly cared for by experts.


Whether you are updating your home’s look with a fresh coat of paint or giving your commercial property a makeover, our team is ready to provide top-quality painting solutions and help you get the very best out of your undertaking. Our team will respect your space and pay special attention to precision and timeliness from start to finish. 

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Client Testimonials

by Pamela Henry on Rivera Landscaping
Brilliant Front Yard Landscaping Service!

My overall experience with using their front yard landscaping service was great! Arrived promptly and completed work almost effortlessly- these landscapers demonstrated professionalism and great care! I can't recommend this company highly enough!

1 reviews on
Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi
Syed Ali Mehdi Zaidi
The finished product showed the landscaping contractor's great workmanship and love for their job. They created a setting that was more beautiful and practical than I could have ever imagined. The contractor's expertise and attention to detail made the whole procedure a delight.

Reliable Landscaping Contractor in Jonesboro, AR!

The Benefits

Hiring a dependable landscaping company comes with countless benefits. By entrusting your front yard landscaping project to an expert, you don’t have to worry about purchasing or renting the needed tools or learning how to properly use them. Landscapers are high-trained and knowledgeable to handle your project in a safe and professional manner.

If you Need Quality Landscaping in Jonesboro, AR, contact Rivera Landscaping!

How We Do It

Our devoted team proceeds toward each project with undivided attention and great care for detail. As we desire to achieve greatness in every aspect of our work, we utilize only the highest possible quality equipment and tools and possess the know-how to use them effectively.

Call (870) 242-4071 and Reach the Top Rated Grass Mulching in Jonesboro, AR!

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For Front Yard Landscaping in Jonesboro, AR, call us at (870) 242-4071!

Conveniently located in Jonesboro, AR, we at Rivera Landscaping are ready to assist with your needs and deliver exceptional customer care!

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